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PLEASE NOTE: Boarding is only available for past & present clients!

Our boarders become part of the family. Home means routine, consistency, love and play. We adopt your house rules and apply our own. Diet, medication and sleeping requirements are not disrupted at Run of the House. We never leave our guests unattended so they simply integrate into our lives as members of the household.

  • Daycare (Full-day)
    Daycare: $39.55 per day $33.90 per each additional dog **Prices listed with tax included.
  • Daycare Packages
    Single-pet Daycare Packages: Single-pet Daycare Packages: 5 Days - $192.10 6 Days - $229.39 8 Days - $299.45 10 Days - $367.25 12 Days - $435.05 16 Days - $542.40 **Prices listed with tax included.

*Pricing subject to change at any time.

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We are not a kennel. Keeping your dog with us means we build strong relationships based on respect and attention to needs. Boarders will join us on one or more adventure hikes each day. This will include running, climbing and some much needed socialization with our daily hikers.

Summertime brings chill sessions in slow moving sections of the river or at a one of the nearby lakes. Our enclosed yard and sundecks provide equal parts sun, shade and security.

Winter months include trail hikes and snowshoeing on the trails and snowball fun in the higher sections.  Shorter days allow for longer cozy evenings by the fire.


No need to leave your dog in a kennel environment while you’re away – send them on their own vacation at
Run of the House! We believe dogs need to run and play, and while they're here, that's just what they do. Your
dog gets to spend their days playing with the daycare dogs, and then go into their safe individual den space at
night. We place friends next to friends. Families can be together or beside each other. Or, your dog could have
the Run of the House treatment which allows your dog to find a comfy spot anywhere in the house. Which
ever best suits your needs. Give your dog an exciting, stimulating vacation!

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