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Customized to your dog's needs.

Our Board and Train Programs combine obedience training, confidence building exercises, physical conditioning, behavior modification and off-site training to properly train and condition your canine companion. We offer different programs and can customize any program to meet your specific needs.

  • Daycare (Full-day)
    Daycare: $39.55 per day $33.90 per each additional dog **Prices listed with tax included.
  • Daycare Packages
    Single-pet Daycare Packages: Single-pet Daycare Packages: 5 Days - $192.10 6 Days - $229.39 8 Days - $299.45 10 Days - $367.25 12 Days - $435.05 16 Days - $542.40 **Prices listed with tax included.


Professional Training Approach.
During our Board and Train, we will take the same approach to train your dog as is used to train Service Dogs, Police/ Military Working Dogs. We fully train your dog then transfer your fully trained dog back to you. Our training is conducted in a manner that will allow you, the owner, to effortlessly reinforce the training while at the same time maintaining a leadership status and keeping your dog mentally and physically balanced. This is the key to not only ensuring the training will last the life of your dog but also keep your canine companion happy and healthy.

Our training courses are unique in that they not only give you the control needed to navigate various aspects of the human environment with your canine companion but also the communication needed to successfully integrate your canine into your home and establish rules, boundaries and expectations.

Consider our Board and Train if you are going on an extended trip; instead of boarding your dog at a kennel, let him/her stay with our expert trainer. While you are away, your dog will enjoy obedience training, strength training, confidence building, and a variety of field trips. You will come home to an obedient, happy and balanced canine companion.

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