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Physical Activity. Mental Stimulation. Socialization. Fresh Air & Fun!

Dogs who regularly come to daycare at Run of the House learn social skills and appropriate dog behavior from the calm, well-adjusted members who regularly attend. Shy and anxious dogs learn confidence; overly exuberant dogs learn how to use manners in play. They have plenty of time to run, have fun, and get their sillies out. A bonus when you come home after a long day, your dog is tired, happy, and ready for a nice, quiet, relaxing evening.

  • Daycare (Full-day)
    Daycare: $39.55 per day $33.90 per each additional dog **Prices listed with tax included.
  • Daycare Packages
    Single-pet Daycare Packages: Single-pet Daycare Packages: 5 Days - $192.10 6 Days - $229.39 8 Days - $299.45 10 Days - $367.25 12 Days - $435.05 16 Days - $542.40 **Prices listed with tax included.


All dogs are supervised throughout their day at Run of the House, and good manners are encouraged. We do not allow excessive barking, mounting or aggressive behavior. We can work on these behaviors with you and your pooch if you are willing to make changes, however some dogs may not meet criteria. This is why we have a structured procedure to follow for induction to Run of the House.


Are you looking to break out of your backyard and reconnect with your wild side? Run of the House takes your
dog ripping up mountains, splashing in ponds, lakes, and streams, and roaring through forests on all our
action-packed fun-filled adventures. Your pup will get to socialize and play with other four-legged friends in a
natural environment.

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